For many people, even those that don’t consider themselves “tree huggers” find peace in the forest.  We can all admire the natural beauty and feel connected to Mother Nature when you are in the forest.  Here are some of the most spectacular forests that you will find anywhere in the world.  They are unique with their own ecosystems and they should be added to any traveler’s bucket list.

Mossy Forest, Malaysia

You can get to the Mossy Forest from Tanah Rata and it is high above sea level in the mountains and you can walk through here in under an hour although you may want to take your time to appreciate the views.  There are spongy mosses all over the trees and you can find some beautiful plants and flowers, including orchids.  Dress for the occasion and make sure you are wearing some waterproof boots, this is a tourist destination so be prepared for crowds and other people appreciating the scenery as well.  Here is a closer look.

Humboldt Redwoods State Park, USA

Located in Northern California you can access the park from the Avenue of the Giants where you can see some of the giant redwoods along the way.  This forest is awe inspiring and there is nothing like old growth massive trees to let you know just how small you are in the world.  This park has some of the tallest trees in the world located here.  There are great hikes all over the forest but this is also a popular tourist destination and if you want to find a moments peace just to appreciate the natural beauty here then head over to Rockefeller Loop.

Amazon Rainforest, South America

While the rainforest passes through several countries you might want to go through Peru for an easy access point.  The Amazon is simply indescribable you just have to experience it for yourself.  You can go into the forest itself with a guide (highly recommended, the Amazon is dangerous) or you can take a boat ride down the river.  The Amazon is home to some of the most amazing creatures on the planet including colorful toucans, sleek jaguars and the sloth.  There are isolated communities all through the Amazon who have never seen the modern world.  The trip simply has to be experienced to understand the beauty here.

While all forests are beautiful in their own right and it is no hardship to spend time among the trees and animals that call the forest home, these forests are just a little bit more.