Forests are very important to us humans as they influence global climates and supply us with oxygen. However, a less-celebrated significance of forests is the fact that they accord us nature therapy owing to the sense of tranquility they bring. More so, forests are a living habitat for a large majority of the world’s exotic animal species, which we all love to catch a glimpse of when we tour our nature parks and forest reserves. Without forests, such species would not be able to survive. As such, it is only right that we showcase our appreciation for the natural beauty of the forest in appropriate ways. Read on for tips on how you can achieve the same.

Championing Forest Therapy/Shinrin-Yoku

In recent years, forest therapy/Shinrin-Yoku has grown in popularity among nature lovers, mainly due to increased public awareness of the same through online platforms. You can also contribute to spreading awareness on the healing aspects that a forest’s natural allure can offer, including: more happiness, better health and wellness. To do this, you can start a Shinrin-Yoku blog and share it with your friends and acquaintances. Alternatively, you can opt to support the numerous Forest Therapy blogs that already exist by sharing the links to these blogs, making monetary donations or even attending the events that they organize.

Appreciating Forest Guides

As much as you may love to go on nature trails and blankly stare at the beautiful trees at your local forest reserve, you would not be able to figure your way around so easily without the help of your guide, would you? From providing you with safety information when on the trail, to suggesting creative activities for forest therapy, these guides are part of the reason why you get to enjoy your therapy trips without any hiccups. Therefore, it is only right that you show them that you realize this and that you appreciate them. Sending a holiday postcard or gift to the guides at your local nature park/forest reserve would be a good start. You can also choose to support trainee guides by contributing towards their training fees.

Avoiding/Boycotting Products whose Production Processes Undermine Forestation

The production processes for certain consumer products have been proven to promote deforestation; thus threatening the continued existence of one of nature’s purest attractions. You can, therefore, show your love for forests by restraining from buying such products. For instance, by avoiding meat products, you’ll be countering the growth of the livestock industry which is one of the largest contributors towards deforestation globally.