What is forest? They are the green sheet that covers our planet. Forests are the resources that we use and we use it without showing any kind of restraint, it’s been going on for a very long time and unfortunately, it still hasn’t stopped. Humans have grown ignorant with time and have started taking forests for granted, we believe it to be something that we have under our control, but for people who believe that they are no more than a fool. Forests are extremely vital for us and here are some of the reasons.

Dwindling Forests

I am sure that you must have learnt in school that every living organism needs oxygen to live, and forests are the generators who produce and replenish the oxygen in the atmosphere. To put it simply, they are necessary for us, humans to live. The green belt of forests that used to cover a large part of our planet has dwindled a lot and it shows no sign of stopping.

Global Warming

Everyone must have heard that the earth is getting warmer with each passing year, the phenomenon known as global warming and the primary cause of global warming is carbon dioxide, there are also others such as methane, CFC, water vapour etc. But the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is way more compared to them, but the thing is, plants use this carbon dioxide and reduce their level in atmosphere, or at least used to do so in a much larger extent, but now forests are being cleared for lands to build cities, human structures, for their resources and a whole lot more, so we are destroying our best weapon to fight global warming.

The Forest is Home to Many Animals

There is one thing that we, humans as a whole have been ignorant about time and time again, is that, we aren’t the only living organism habiting this planet, there are a lot of organisms and most of them have forests as their home. Forests are home to a lot of species, so destroying someone’s home is not good, you can see this in many developing nations, that the loss of habitual area for different species has made them go into habitual places of humans, the most common examples are snakes, monkeys, elephants etc.

Forest is an important ecosystem that is very vital for species habiting this planet and that includes us too, if the biodiversity that is present in the forests is lost, the day won’t be far that we will face extinction, I am not trying to scare you, it’s the truth, humans can’t function without resources and forest is an invaluable resource that we can’t afford to lose, because losing it will be disastrous for our as well as this planet’s survival.